Worlds Best Blindfold (P.V.C. vegan)


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This is an exceptional “Scott Paul” designed blindfold. Considered by many to be the best on the market.

  This “Worlds best Blindfold” is constructed of high gloss black P.V.C. , and is lined with 4 mil wet suit grade neoprene. This soft neoprene molds too the face and around the nose for exceptional light blocking. The neoprene liner is removable, and can be washed in hot soapy water.

  This blindfold is a joy to wear. The popular cupped eye design prevents any pressure on the eyes. The wearer can blink freely, and in most cases their eyelashes don’t even touch. It is exceptional for long term wear. The adjustment buckles are on the sides providing smooth straps across the back of the head. The double strap design makes for a snug and comfortable fit. This double strap design also nicely frames pony tails. A stylish chrome eye is attached in the center of this blinfold and is handy for attaching a leash, rope, or any other bondage device.


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