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This “Scott Paul” designed paddle gives a loud stinging smack, or a muffled soft thud. One side is stiff Latigo leather. The reverse side is thick neoprene with a bonded fuzzy surface. The “Switch Hitter” is two very different sensations delivered from a classic “Scott Paul Designs” handle.

The bottom/sub/slave on the receiving end will never know which is coming next. Soft and thuddy, or the harsh sting of black leather. The “Switch Hitter” is available in two different styles. The “Strap” style has a 2 1/2 X 10 Inch paddle. The “Round” style has a 6 1/2 Inch diameter paddle. 

There are 3 handle options to choose from. Silver or Black in smooth anodized aluminum. Or a ribbed, black rubber grip style, for $10 extra. 

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