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These are top quality Suspension cuffs designed by Scott Paul. These cuffs are compatible with all Click-A-Cuffs components. Like all “Scott Paul” cuffs, these suspension cuffs are lined with thick 4 mil. fabric bonded Neoprene. This wet suit grade neoprene is ideal padding for the hand and wrist. The leather and neoprene wrap over the 3 1/2 inch wide stainless steel D ring. This wrap provides a soft and sturdy grip for the fingers. This relieves pressure from the wrist for extended play. The roller buckle is stainless steel. This suspension cuff is available in locking or non-locking types. The locking cuffs come with two chrome padlocks and four keys. The Scott Paul locking system has a unique post and buckle design. This allows the cuffs to be used without the padlocks being in place. The locking cuffs are $10 extra and may take up to a week for shipping.

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