Sticky Fingers


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“Scott Paul” designed these sexy, stylish, suction cup “Sticky Fingers” as a playful, fun, restraint experience. Bondage is too strong a word, these are for playful restraint with a willing partner. 

  These are nylon finger traps. When you slide a finger into the sleeve, it is difficult to pull your finger out. They grip really well. But it is not impossible for the person to wiggle their fingers free. These “Sticky Fingers” are great for a sub/slave who likes the feel, and wants to stay put.

  Stick the strong industrial rubber suction cups onto any smooth surface. In a bathroom, or kitchen, on windows, in a car, or the windows/counters in public places.

  We sell these fingers in sets of 2, that are a good fit on most peoples index fingers.  This set of 2 “Sticky Fingers” come in a clear storage tube. The total length is 6 inches. 

Be playful, Be creative, Have fun!


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