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The Scott Paul designed “Smack Attack”  is a unique concept for an impact spanker. This heavy hitter is very popular with thud loving bottom/sub/slaves. The design is flexible and heavy, different from any other impact spanker you may have used before.

 The “Smack Attack” is built with 5 long strands of stainless steel ball-chain. We then encase all 5 ball-chain strands inside a strong flexible black nylon mesh sleeve. This creates a floppy flexible tube of heavy, Stainless Steel Balls. The two ends are brought together to form a loop.  
Scott Paul has designed a unique way to tightly secure all 10 of the ball-chain ends, so they can’t slip out of place inside the nylon mesh sleeve.  We slide the two ends inside one of our trademark anodized aluminum handles, connecting the compressed bundle to the chrome knob at the end of the handle.  This creates a secure shot-filled hoop, which will last through many years of heavy hitting.
 To add some variety we place 2 sliding rubber O rings on the mesh hoop. You can slide these O rings to different position’s on the hoop, allowing it to give a variety of sensations. The “Smack Attack” has a total length of 16 inches. 

 There are 3 handle options to choose from. Silver or Black in smooth anodized aluminum. Or a ribbed, black rubber grip style, for $10 extra. 

The “Smack Attack” is a heavy impact spanker like no other. This quality design will be noticed, felt, and remembered! 

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