Puppy Plugz and Leash Discount Combo.




On this page is sold a discounted Puppy Plugz and Ball and Chain Leash combo pack. The unique and stylish Scott Paul, Ball and Chain Leash is easy to hold because of its rubber ball grip.The Puppy Plugz are top quality silicone anal plugs are a sweet treat for your favorite pup, pony or private pet. Each Puppy Plug has a Scott Paul designed Swivel Eye securely attached to the base which can be used in many ways. It’s handy as a finger grip for inserting and removing the Puppy Plug and ideal for walking your pet with a leash. Whether on hands and knees or walking upright just hook a leash to these plugs and control your pets every move. The Ball and Chain Leash is available in Silver/Red/or Purple. The leash is 30 inches in length. The Large plug (3 5/8 inches) and Leash is $100, The Medium plug ( 3 inches) and Leash is $95, The Small plug ( 2 1/2 inches ) and Leash is $90. The Puppy Plugz and Ball and Chain Leash are also available separately in this same category.

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