Fearsome Fingers (5 Finger Set )


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These unique “Scott Paul” designed, finger claws will steal the show, and draw whimpers from the helpless.

This is not a glove, but 5 individual fingers. Each finger is tipped with a double pointed claw. The fingers are made from a flexible nylon mesh webbing. They are comfortable to wear, slide on easily,  but grip tight. (like a finger cage)

Use on bare skin or with thin lycra gloves. Suitable for club wear (careful, they’re sharp) and can easily hold a drink or smoke. This five finger set is shipped in a clear plastic tube that is great for storage.

**NOTE ABOUT SIZING.** Three sizes are offered. The Medium will fit any hand, as the mesh fingers are quite flexible, however the pinkie might be a little loose or the thumb a little tight. If you have a petite hand with slim fingers order the “small” as this set has a smaller pinkie. If you have a big hand with thicker fingers order the “large” as this set has a bigger thumb.

The “Fearsome Fingers” are available in Black or Pearl.

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