Everywhere-Everyday Locking Collar.


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This Scott Paul designed locking collar is meant for discretion. Ideal for work, family, or everyday life in a vanilla world. Wear this stylish collar knowing you are being very discreet, while still honoring your partners control.

  To the average person this collar will appear to be nothing more than stylish jewelry. The locking set screw is hidden from view. This collar is very light weight, and made primarily of non-metallic materials.  Comfortable for all day wear.  Available in black, silver and gold. Pick the color and size that fits your lifestyle. 

 The set screw lock is opened and closed with a standard Allen ( hex type ) key. 2 are included with the collar. One custom designed Scott Paul key chain style hex key. And one standard type hex key. A replacement hex can be found at any hardware store. An extra set screw is included, and if  lost a new one can also be found at any hardware store. 

Collars are offered in 2 inch increments. So you can get just the fit you like.  

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