Click/Humiliator-Combo. Discount Starter Kit. “D”




Here’s a starter kit that is a combination from both the “Click-A-Cuff system and the “Humliator” gag system. This kit includes 1 set of Click-A-Cuffs in wrist size, 1 “Humiliator” gag, and 1 “T” connector. Purchased separately this kit would cost $324. This kit is offered at a $30 discount.

 Please read details about the “Humiliator Gag” and its many accessories by going to the “Humiliator Gag System” category. Likewise, read about the many features of the “Click-A-Cuffs” under the “Click-A-Cuff System.”

With this kit you’re given a choice of 4 different cuff styles and two different “Humiliator Gag” styles. This kit is priced for our “non-locking” gag and cuffs. For an extra $15 you may choose the locking style. The extra $15 is because 3 locks are included.

You may also pick a Black or Silver receiver tubes.

Additional information

Receiver Tubes


Cuff Style

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Locking Option.


Gag Material.



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