Click. Discount Secretary Kit ( 4 styles)




You loved it in the erotic movie “Secretary”, and here is the “Scott Paul” version of this classic bondage piece. Our “Secretary” is a combination kit from the “Click-A-Cuff” system. The popular “Secretary” is offered in kit form at a nice discount.

  This kit includes 1 Bow-Tie-Collar, 1 set of non-locking, wrist size Click-A-Cuffs, and 2 / 12″ connector tubes. The “Secretary” is a fun and stylish piece that will be a hit at your next fetish event and for those quiet home service moments.

 Purchased separately from the “Click-A-Cuff” system this combination would cost $247.

 There are more details about the “Bow-Tie Collars” and “Click-A-Cuffs” in the “Click-A-Cuff” category. The Bow-Tie-Collar is locking and available in two sizes: small/medium fits 11 to 14 inch necks. medium/large fits 14 to 18 inch necks. All Collars are 1 1/2 inch wide. Both “The Bow Tie Collar” and “Click-A-Cuff” receiver tubes are available in Silver or Black.

 The “Click-A-Cuffs” can be ordered in a locking version for $10 extra. This is for the 2 extra locks. The collar already has a lock included. 

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